Individual Therapy

Therapy offers a safe, compassionate and confidential space to explore our deepest thoughts, emotions and experiences.  It can be very useful for people experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, loss or significant change in their lives, recovering from trauma, or who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  Therapy can also help us chart a new direction for ourselves, or to shift recurrent patterns or behaviours that seem to limit our progress or happiness. 

Sometimes simply being able to discuss what is occurring with someone outside of our situation helps adjust our focus, ease feelings of vulnerability, isolation or uncertainty, and gain clarity or a different perspective about what is occurring.    

Psychological therapy can also be valuable to deepen our self-understanding, and to accept and integrate different parts of ourselves. In this way we can create more balance in our lives, magnify our strengths, and transform longstanding behaviours, beliefs, or patterns.

At Botanic Psychology we are passionate about helping others discover their innate wisdom, and to cultivate vibrant, fulfilling lives. 

Areas of expertise

We have experience with a range of issues including;-

Anxiety                                                                                               Resilience and Wellbeing

Depression                                                                                        Addictions 

Stress                                                                                                 Life direction and balance

Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress                                                      Grief and loss

Relationships and intimacy                                                              Adjusting to change | Life transitions